What is your music program all about?

For over a decade, we have done music lessons differently. Littleton School of Music was started by parents who wanted a safe, mentored place for their kids to play music. Our mission is to improve life through music. We have created a fun community of musicians of all walks of life. From beginners to pros, we have it all in our studios. We believe in learning everyday, so our programs keep getting even better, more exciting, and help people to get to their goals even more effectively. Come take a FREE lesson to see what we are all about!

What does it mean that you do lessons “differently?”

Some of the most prolific musicians of all time never learned to read music. Why? Because so much of music has to do with other skills that we help students develop. You didn’t learn to read your spoken language before you could speak it, right? Music is meant to be playful and experimental before it becomes a regimented study. We get people playing right away! That being said, we can teach anyone to read music as well. Most of our students learn to play several songs before they develop the interest to read music. We find that’s the best time to teach it.

Do you teach many styles of music?

Yes! We approach every student differently. Some students enjoy learning classical pieces, while others love learning songs they listen to on the radio. From pop to rock and almost anything in between, we have a teacher for you!

What is your most basic private study membership?

30 minutes or 60 minutes a week (or more if you'd like) with a professional, charming instructor. We find out exactly what will help you get better at playing music and we map out the roads to get you there.

Why did you change the name and website to www.littletonmusiclessons.com ?

After 11 years of being known as "Band Dynamics," we thought it would be nice to freshen things up and help more people find us. We are now Littleton School of Music. Same great school, serving you inspiration through music lessons every day.

How do I get involved in a band?

Come see our “secret recipe” on coaching bands of almost any age. Students who struggled previously with lessons find being in a band the way to freshen up their interest. Also, those who dream of playing live music LOVE our band membership. Give us a call and we'll tell you more about what it takes to be ready for this most exciting aspect of our year-round program.

What do you offer people who want the most out of your program?

The Combination Music Membership offers the most flexibility and ways to learn to play the guitar, drums, bass guitar or other instruments. It allows you to choose if you want to be in a band and the type of musical instruction you would like on a monthly basis!

I have more questions!

Please call us and we will answer them or call us to schedule a free tour of our amazing studio space and lounges.