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At Band Dynamics our specialties are keys, bass guitar, guitar, drum and singing lessons, but what differentiates us from all the other Denver area music lessons is we teach with our own proprietary music instructional methods. Band Dynamics proprietary teaching style was designed by lifelong music professionals and teachers who after years of experiencing what they did and did not like about music instruction formulated their own very successful program for Denver music students.




We refer to our Denver area proprietary music lesson program as the Dojo of Rock. It is based on the educational model taught in the martial arts. It is carefully designed with different levels of achievement that can only be obtained after successfully attaining the skill set of each pre-defined level. Our Dojo of Rock helps Denver music students of all ages understand what is expected of them at certain levels and encourages them to keep practicing and growing their musical talent. This program not only teaches Denver area music students how to play an instrument but also how to be in a band, how to write and create music, the discipline required for music and life, creativity and commitment. (Oh, and of course we teach them how to rock.),



We offer a range of music lessons for all types of Denver area students with varying time commitment interests, musical goals and budgets. For those who are just looking to check out Band Dynamics we offer a free music lesson the last Saturday of every month. We also offer Denver area private music lessons, rock band group lessons and summer music camps.



Call us today at 303-972-7625 to get a free introductory music lesson or to sign up for one of our membership programs!

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Band Dynamics offers private and group music lessons to Denver area students of all ages.
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