Preparing your set

With our next big showcase just around the corner I thought I’d make a quick blog on preparing your set. A set is way more than just your time to shine on stage. It’s a preview of who your band is. From your talent to your personality, your short time on stage is the first impression to your audience. So let’s dig into what will make your first impression really wow them.



the band Bound for Glory rocking a pose

Know your audience

We’ve all seen those Youtube videos of metal bands invoking mosh pits. Jumping around while people violently throw their bodies at each other. Well suffice it to say that may not be your audience if you’re playing a graduation party or wedding ceremony. The most important part of preparing your set is knowing your audience. Your time on stage is about connecting with an audience.  Are you playing at a low-key coffee shop? Play some low-key, chill music. Are you at a crazy punk venue where the first act starts at 10pm? Time to bring the energy to stage!


John playing a solo

Don’t let the clock run out!

Did you know Stairway to Heaven is over 8 minutes long? The average time length given to a band is under 20 minutes- 20-30 minutes if you’re signed and making some headway in the industry. So why spend half your time on stage with one song? Find out how long you have on stage and make the best of that time. You can anticipate the average song is about 5 minutes. Play as much music, and as many songs as you can while you’re on stage. It’s also good to time your set in rehearsals before your show- just to be sure you not going over or under your set time.


Quality music

Being on stage is not about playing the most impressive music. It’s about playing the best music you can bring to the stage.  Let me reiterate- play the best music you possibly can! Being on stage will test your ability to focus. You’ll need to focus on the music just as much as your audience. Play songs that come naturally and you can enjoy playing. Play songs that you could play in your sleep, or that you play perfectly at every rehearsal. This is your bands first impression- make it amazing with the best quality music your band can offer.


Well that’s all! I hope you learned something new, or at least remembered an old shard of wisdom about preparing your set. Let your set showcase who you are. Jump up on stage and have a blast. Don't forget to Follow us on Facebook to find out when our upcoming shows are.

band rocking out on stage