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Littleton School of Music is Much More Than A Music School

Have you ever wanted to join a band? We thought so, so do a lot of our other students! We help you link up with some great musicians and create a band. Are you already in a band? That's okay too, maybe you need some practice gear.

 Have you been looking for a great practice space in the Denver area that has equipment set up and ready  to plug into!? We even have summer music camps in the Denver area for all ages. Scroll down to see all that we offer.

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Do you want to learn the ways of the electric guitar? How about something really heavy metal? Or maybe not? Maybe you want to learn some blues, eh? Or what if you prefer the acoustic guitar? You may want to do all of the above and more…

Either way, we pretty much cover it all with our electric guitar lessons. We search high and low for the best guitar teachers around. Let’s face it, there are a lot of guitar teachers in the world. We find the ones that not only connect with students and have fun for our electric guitar lessons, but also don’t look like they just rolled out of bed to teach you.

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You may not know it but great bass players tend to get the most gigs. Maybe that is why so many Denverites love taking bass guitar lessons with Littleton School of Music. Our Denver area bass lessons teach you the art of rhythm and groove in virtually any and every style of music; and we teach it in a way our Denver music students absolutely love.

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Let’s get groove-y. Come learn to play the drums with our Colorado drum lessons! We can get really loud (with earplugs provided). We have several drum kits and drum studios to choose from. We love drummers and we love teaching them how to get better.

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Have you ever thought of getting vocal training but thought that it would be too difficult or complicated? Well, we don’t like difficult and complicated. We like FUN!

The truth is people get better at singing because they do it a lot. Our Denver area voice lessons have a strong focus on hearing you sing what you love right away. You plug in your songs and we hear what you sound like. Are you nervous? Don’t worry.

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Beginner Keyboard Lessons Denver.jpg

Have you ever heard people say, “I took piano lessons and I hated them?"

Many people come to us telling us that horror story. Scales after scales after scales and never learning to play what you TRULY want to play. Well, we are different. Our keyboard lessons can teach you to play many songs before teaching you how to read music.

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Bands Studios & Summer Camps

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Summer Camps

Get your kid off the couch and video games this summer! Sign them up for something cool like our Denver area music summer camps. Our “Rock To Your Potential” summer day camps are completely unique and so much fun! 
Plus music makes you smarter.

New School Name

For the best guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, rock band programs, summer camps and more, check out our new school name and website (www.littletonmusiclessons.com)

Same great school, sweet new name!


People who are in sports join a team. Now people who are in lessons can join a band.

Check out how we are changing the way people learn music, make new friends, and play on stage in some of the finest music venues in Denver.