Top 5 Halloween songs

We’ve once again reached that magical, spooky time of the year- All Hallow’s Eve! It may not be a huge secret, but this is my personal favorite holiday! Costumes, candy, scary movies, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns. And what’s Halloween without candy corn or pumpkin spice lattes? Just kidding! If you’re looking for some festive music, look no further. Whether you’re trick or treating, or hanging out at a costume party, here are the top 5 halloween songs for any eerie engagements you may have this year.


monster band

5. Dead Man’s party- Oingo Boingo

I mean, It’s kind of in the title. It’s a party. Full of dead people. But it’s a really fun party! If you’re not dancing around to this tune you might be kind of dead.

4. Halloween (theme song)- Buckethead (originally John Carpenter)

Originally scored by John Carpenter, this tune is truly an eerie song that might just give you goosebumps from hearing it. Did you know this theme has a time signature of 5/4? And who better to play this and make it more ghastly than Buckethead.

3. This is Halloween- Danny Elfman

Can we have official theme songs for holidays?

2. Thriller- Michael Jackson

If you went to a Halloween party, and this song wasn’t on the playlist, sorry to tell you- but you didn’t go to a Halloween party. You can’t have Halloween without Thriller!

1. Monster Mash- Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers

A crazed scientist, the Frankenstein monster (pronounced Frahnk-en-stEEn), vampires, ghouls, zombies, wolf-man, Dracula and his son, Igor, and more. There’s no party or bash greater than the monster mash.

Don’t fear! Here are some hideously horrible tunes that didn’t make this list in case you’re dying for more.

  • The Time Warp- Richard O’Brien
  • Werewolf of Westeria- John 5
  • Any song by Rob Zombie
  • Ghostbusters (theme song)- Ray Parker Jr.
  • A Gorey Demise- Creature Feature
  • Carousel- Melanie Martinez
  • Dead!- My Chemical Romance
  • Monsters- Matchbook Romance

I hope you have a frightfully fun time this year. Be safe ghouls and goblins.Happy Halloween!

-Dillon J.

Stephan Hume