4 ways to improve your music skills over summer

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SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! YES! So much fun in the sun, no homework, no waking up early, and stay up as late as you can handle! Your summer vacation just started and you can’t wait to practice music every single day. But how can you make the best of your time and really improve as a musician? Don’t get caught in the usual plateau of playing that we all get caught in some times, climb up the never-ending mountain of music. Here are just 4 ways to improve your music skills over summer.


Take lessons

As a teacher, one thing I constantly hear throughout the year is, “I couldn’t practice. I had too much homework.” It is THE WORST! Because as much as I wish I could say forget about your homework, I know those 3 essays, and 2 math worksheets were pretty important for you to get good grades. But now, no more homework to stand in the way of practice.

Take this summer to really delve into your instrument! Hear me out- summer is about taking a break BUT if you’re really serious about music, and serious about improving, you can take this summer to learn. Not to mention, music is fun! If you’re currently taking lessons, try taking longer lessons! If you’re not taking lessons, what’s stopping you? Click here to sign up for the best music lessons in the Denver and Littleton area.

Learn a song a day

This is without a doubt a challenge. I am inviting you to give it your best effort. Maybe you only do this for one week, or one month, or maybe your entire summer vacation! Learn a new song everyday. The more music you play, the more you learn. Pick up on new styles and new techniques you like in songs.

I personally took a 100 day challenge and I picked songs from different bands, different genres, different difficulties (depending how busy I was that day). It was such a great experience and it forced me to be a better musician. Another great example is this dude on Youtube. He did this for an entire year! Check it out here!

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Learn a new instrument

Always wanted to learn about bass or piano? Maybe even pick up the guitar for the first time? Learning a new instrument takes up a lot of time and you’ve got that in abundance now! Learning a new instrument opens up a whole new world of sound. It makes our brain think differently about rhythm, tone, and structure. All things that can help you write new music with your primary instrument and help you communicate in a band.


Join our summer camp!

If you’re looking to improve your skills over summer, this is the place to do it! A weeklong day camp packed full of music! You’ll learn new music, learn to work with new musicians your age, have the opportunity to work with new instruments, and play a concert at a real concert venue in Denver! This is such a fun and engaging way to become a better musician. As a member of a summer camp band, your band mates will help motivate you, push you to new limits.


If you want to learn more, click here! Or click here to sign up today!

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