Jamming with other musicians

Chances are you’ve met a guitar player who’s said they’re “too good” to play in that band. Or maybe a singer who’s just “too talented” that they prefer to play solo. I remember being new to music and hearing these people talk was daunting. How could I ever learn to be that good? Well, if you’re letting someone else’s ego intimidate you- STOP! The truth is no musician is too good to play along with another.  Jamming with other musicians can only make you better. Let me reiterate- you cannot get worse at music by playing with other people, only better! To encourage you to start finding other musicians, I’m going to share how working alongside others has made me better at my craft.

guitar lesson

Same instrument, different approach

It’s inevitable you’ll want to hang with a friend who plays the same instrument. Find out which of you knows the coolest songs, or the hardest riffs? A bit of healthy competition is great. At the same time, take this opportunity to learn from a fellow drummer or guitarist. You both might know your major scale, but what if you play it different ways? Often times I’ll find myself jamming with a guitarist that has a different taste in music. If you’re a punk guitarist, you might learn something cool from a metalhead!


Check out what else is out there

Ok. As a guitar player I admit, I naturally want to seek out other guitar players. But some of my most innovative playing has come from jamming with other musicians that play different instruments. When you’re working with a drummer you’ll quickly find that rhythm is all that matters. Drums don’t have melody or notes like A-sharp. So the one thing that drums and guitars can do together is rhythm. Once you start listening to music from a different perspective you can add a different texture to your playing.  Seek out guitarists, bassists, drummers, mandolins, and banjos. I’ve had the most fun working with a friend that sang and played cello!

singer and bassist

Teaching and learning

“The student becomes the teacher”.  If you’re new to your instrument, you can clearly see the benefit of jamming with other musicians. But maybe you’re starting to get a little better at guitar and you know somebody who just bought his or her first one. Go jam with them! Teaching somebody how to play an E chord is a lot different than just playing it. You have to look at your instrument a different way. And drummers! Try teaching your guitar player a beat. Learning a new instrument, even just the basics, can be challenging and fun. It’s all music and the more you know, the more you can apply on your own craft.


Band Dynamics hosts a Jam night once a month. So if you’d like to start jamming with other musicians, let us know! You can get in touch with us here. If you’re really excited about meeting other musicians why don’t you check out our upcoming rock in? We’ll be rocking through the night. You won’t want to miss it!