Attention Parents! the Top 3 Concerns you have for your child or teenager in the summer time.

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Attention Parents!

Here are the Top 3 Concerns you have for your child or teenager in the summer time.


Let’s face it, when your kids are out of school for the summer, there is a huge void of time that suddenly needs to be filled. Put more simply: kids need stuff to do. That may be fine and dandy. But that doesn’t mean that you (as parents) suddenly have the same amount of free time.  How do you keep your kid or teen involved in wholesome activities all of a sudden?


This is a constant question we hear our families face at our Littleton music school, year after year.


In this brief column, we will point out the Top 3 Concerns you may have as a parent. They represent the top feedback we have gotten over the last decade of research amongst the hundreds of families that have come through our school for Littleton music lessons and Denver music lessons. Read on and in upcoming exclusive articles on our site will share why putting your kid or teen in summer music lessons and our summer camp is guaranteed to address not one but ALL of these concerns.

How can we claim this? The parents of our students tell us so.

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1.) You don’t want to just hire a babysitter.

You love your children.  You want them to enjoy their summer break.  That being said, you may need some hours of the day filled with high quality activity instead of them sitting on the couch or getting into mischief. Click here to learn more about our summer camp. It’s cool for parents and even cooler for kids and teenagers.

2) You want your kid’s mind to stay sharp.

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Part of the reason you send your kids to school is to learn. Learning keeps their brains engaged as they mature into young adults. How many times in the summer have you felt that your kid could be doing something engaging for their brain that didn’t feel like homework? That is why many parents sign their kids up for private music lessons as well as the summer camp. Here is where you can learn more.

3) You want your child to have great influences.

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Your lifestyle is the sum of your peers. When you are a kid you are highly influenced by those around you. As a parent, you understand this. You wish you could just “hand pick” friends sometimes, but that isn’t realistic or healthy. However, at our Denver summer camps, your kid is guaranteed to make new friends of similar interests in a safe, mentored environment. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Stephan Hume